California to impose regional stay-at-home orders as coronavirus cases surge

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday said he would issue a regional stay-at-home order in areas facing ICU bed shortages as COVID-19 cases surge across the state. “We are pulling that emergency brake,” Newsom said in a news conference Thursday.

The measure forces a three-week closure of all bars, wineries, hair salons and barbershops in regions where ICU beds have reached 15% capacity. Retail stores will be allowed to operate at 20% capacity, while restaurants will be limited to takeout and delivery service only. Non-essential travel will be restricted.

“This is the final surge in this pandemic,” Newsom said. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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‘We ran out of space.’ Amid Covid-19 surge, an Illinois funeral home director says it’s been hard keeping up with demand

In November, the home’s numbers nearly doubled.

Founder and funeral director Tim Honquest told CNN affiliate WREX the home received about 54 calls — 26 of which involved Covid-19 cases.
“This month of November was something I’ve never seen before,” he told the affiliate. “It was just crazy.”

With a refrigeration capacity of about 12 deceased, Honquest said the home, which is northeast of Chicago, had to turn a preparation room into a second refrigeration area to keep up.

Tim Honquest

“We ran out of space,” he told the news station. “We literally ran out of space.”

On November 18, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced Covid-19 was the third leading cause of death in the state, behind heart disease and cancer. Between March and October, the governor had said, the virus took more lives than “the next two highest causes, strokes and accidents, combined.” And the fall surge was quickly proving significantly

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How to decorate your hallway for Christmas

Hallways, usually busy thoroughfares, are important spaces to decorate in the home – and for Christmas, attention turns to creating a warm, festive welcome.

a vase of flowers sits in front of a window: Hallways, usually busy thoroughfares, are important spaces to decorate in the home – and for Christmas, attention turns to creating a warm, festive welcome.

© Oliver Perrott/Lights4Fun
Hallways, usually busy thoroughfares, are important spaces to decorate in the home – and for Christmas, attention turns to creating a warm, festive welcome.

‘The hallway really comes into its own at Christmas time,’ says interior designer Julia Kendell, who suggests getting your hallway organised from the get-go. ‘It’s all about creating a welcoming environment in your entrance hall and as people arrive they will really feel the Christmas spirit.’

Definitely not a space to be neglected, here we suggest some hallway Christmas decorations and styling tips to help you transform your space.

Set the scene

Remember, first impressions count, so think about the first thing you want your guests to see. Create a warm and welcoming entrance with candles in lanterns

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This week’s home entertainment: from Euphoria to Mank


With filming on season two of HBO’s controversial, critically lauded teen drama delayed due to Covid, here is the first of two specials aimed at making the wait slightly easier. Picking up where season one left off, with Rue (Zendaya) struggling to deal with her relapse, we also meet Colman Domingo’s Ali, a mentor from Rue’s rehab group.

Monday 7 December, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

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Dawn French returns as Geraldine Grainger in this Zoom-themed series of shorts reviving the beloved sitcom. We follow the vicar’s lockdown through her online sermons, giving tips on everything from at-home haircuts to social distancing.

Monday 7 December, 8.50pm, BBC One

Filmed over five years, this doc follows Lily Jones and her gender transition. It is a journey that started when Lily was 15 and living with her family in Aberystwyth, and

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Newsom to impose regional stay-at-home order to ease hospitalizations

California governor Gavin Newsom

Rich Pedroncelli | Pool | AP

California will impose a limited stay-at-home order on certain regions of the state where Covid-19 cases are placing a strain on intensive care units, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday.

The state will be split into five regions — the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, Northern California, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. If the remaining ICU capacity in a region falls below 15%, it will trigger a three-week stay-at-home order, Newsom said.

The order would require bars, wineries, personal services, hair salons and barbershops to temporarily close. Personal services are businesses like nail salons, tattoo parlors and body waxing, according to the state’s website. Schools that meet the state’s health requirements and critical infrastructure would be allowed to remain open, and retail stores could operate at 20% capacity and restaurants would be allowed to offer take-out and delivery, the Democratic governor

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Luxury hotel designer spent 15 years crafting the interior of one historic home in Waterford

Bleach House, Villierstown, Cappoquin, Co Waterford.

Asking price: €850,000

Agent: Sherry FitzGerald Country Homes (01) 237 6433

So you’ve just bought an empty period home almost eight times the size of a standard semi-d. How are you even going to start furnishing and decorating? Importantly, how can you do it right? Because this is an important historic home.

When the owners of Bleach House at Villierstown, Co Waterford, first bought their enormous, elegant, but rundown Regency-era mansion on the outskirts of the town in 1999, their good fortune determined that the very first person they befriended in the area was designer Stephanie Hennessy.

The Los Angeles-born interior designer had moved to Ireland for the new millennium after 30 years travelling the globe and designing the interiors of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

And 15 years after she first engaged the project, she’s still working on Bleach House. “Right now, I’m

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Why California Is Issuing Stay-At-Home Orders Because Of Covid-19 Coronavirus

Running out of toilet paper is one thing. Running out of intensive care unit (ICU) beds is something completely different.

With the Covid-19 coronavirus continuing to surge, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is now projecting that the state will run out of ICU beds by mid-December. That, obviously, is not a good thing and can’t be solved by simply buying more beds. As a result, on Thursday, the CDPH announced a “Regional Stay-At-Home Order”, which will remain in place for at least the next three weeks.

This Order doesn’t mean that all Californians have to stay at home just yet. Rather, it established thresholds that once crossed will trigger stay-at-home orders. In

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Rollout plans for stay-at-home orders and vaccine distribution explained

Stay-at-home orders are expected in many parts of California in the coming days and weeks in what Gov. Gavin Newsom calls the “final surge” of the coronavirus pandemic. And, while public health officials warn of a “surge within a surge” following the Thanksgiving holiday, firefighters were battling a 7,200-acre fire in Orange County — a sign that “wildfire season” isn’t quite over. Plus: Which health care workers will be vaccinated first? And, another mysterious work of art pops up in the West. 

a sign on the side of the street: A sign advising people to stay home due to COVID-19 concerns is shown at a MUNI bus stop in San Francisco, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

© Jeff Chiu, AP
A sign advising people to stay home due to COVID-19 concerns is shown at a MUNI bus stop in San Francisco, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

Hi, there. I’m Maria Sestito, senior issues reporter for The Desert Sun in Palm Springs. Today is Thursday, Dec. 3 and, thankfully, I already bought my toilet paper for this month. If you haven’t, don’t panic — there are

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Yale School of Architecture, Environment students and faculty construct regenerative building on Horse Island

Yale News

Students and faculty of the Yale School of Architecture and the Yale School of the Environment worked together this year to build a teaching and research center on Horse Island, the largest of the Thimble Islands off of Branford, CT.

The Peabody Museum of Natural History is funding a new construction project on Horse Island. The project started in the spring of 2020 with the commencement of a regenerative design seminar, continued with students designing the building and will be finalized with the 10-week construction period that is currently nearing completion. The center will allow students to have authentic, field-based learning opportunities.

“The Long Island Sound and the coastal environments surrounding it are incredible and are important ecosystems that are minutes from campus but unknown to most Yale students,” David Skelly, professor of ecology and director of the Peabody Museum, said in an email to the News. “I

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California governor introduces new stay-at-home order amid Covid surge

California Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced a new regional stay-at-home order Thursday, days after he said most of the state’s intensive care beds could be over capacity within weeks as coronavirus case numbers surge.

The order, which will be applied by region, will require bars, wineries, hair salons and other nonessential businesses across five areas to close for three weeks once a region’s intensive care capacity falls below 15 percent, he said.

Statewide travel will also be temporarily halted, Newsom said, but schools will remain open, and he encouraged people to visit parks and exercise.

Restaurants can continue to

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