Working from home made my descent into decrepitude harder to avoid

I have a theory – largely untested – that everyone is mentally “stuck” at a certain age: the one that best reflects their outlook. Mine is 17. At my core, I see myself as youthful, enthusiastic and not yet tainted by the bitterness of experience. I’m optimistic and forward-looking. A woman in my prime.

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Photograph: Alistair Berg/Getty Images

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Photograph: Alistair Berg/Getty Images

But increasingly, the face and form I see reflected back in the mirror are none of those things. At first I blame harsh lighting for my transformation. Then I realise it’s natural light coming in from the skylight, not the gentle artificial light of a boutique store change room. There is, quite simply, nowhere to hide.

Accidental encounters with our semi-naked bodies and unadorned faces can be enough to send us down a black hole

Kids, don’t believe anyone who tells you age is just a number.

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Behind many new buildings on the North Side are the ideas, designs of Jamil Ford

Jamil Ford has been dubbed “the architect of the North Side.”

Ford, 42, a North Side native and founder of Mobilize Design & Architecture, is the designer behind several significant building projects on and around W. Broadway, the main commercial street of north Minneapolis.

“He definitely could have done better financially with a downtown design firm,” said Warren McLean, president of North Side Economic Opportunity Network (NEON).

“Jamil has devoted his life to seeing positive growth come from the community and he believes now is the right opportunity to be very strategic and intentional,” McLean said. “The same people that have been victims to the wrath of crime, drugs, destruction, closing of businesses, natural disasters … the largest [housing] foreclosure crisis in the state of Minnesota and subprime lender abuse, health and many other disparities, need to be the very ones that have access to wealth creation, business creation and

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BBC Radio 4 – Money Box, Warm Home Discount ‘lottery’

Eligibility lottery for Warm Home Discount Scheme, why a ‘nudge’ is not enough to make sure people get guidance on their pension and investors money ‘locked’ with no end in sight.

How do you make sure that people get advice before they cash in their pension funds early? The latest figures show that more than £2 billion was released early by nearly 350,000 people in the three months to September. Only about one in 30 of the people who take money out get guidance or advice about their decision. The Government’s answer is what it calls a ‘stronger nudge’ and on Monday it is expected to set out its plans to MPs as a new Pension Bill comes to its finale in the House of Commons. Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, Stephen Timms MP, thinks a nudge is not enough.

The Warm Home Discount gives customers

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Baltimore Museum Of Art to name bathrooms for John Waters

Illustration for article titled Welcome to the John Waters Memorial Bathroom, please enjoy your stay

Photo: George Pimentel (Getty Images)

When one is an icon, one must think seriously about one’s legacy. What do you want to leave behind you when you go? How shall your name be remembered? When filth is one’s life, the answer is clear: Put your name on a goddamn bathroom.

At some point in the future, visitors to the Baltimore Museum Of Art will be able to take a great big dump in one of John Waters Restrooms, a place where one can powder one’s nose, adjust one’s eyeliner, and gaze into the mirror and say to one’s reflection, “I’m so fuckin’ beautiful I can’t stand it myself.” The honor, one proposed by the man, the myth, the legend himself, is the result of an incredibly generous donation.

Here’s the Baltimore Sun:

John Waters, Baltimore’s self-proclaimed “Pope of Trash,” announced Wednesday that he’s bequeathing some of

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Schools want to end online classes for struggling kids, but COVID-19 cases may send everyone home

Math teacher Aaron Tomhave found it fairly easy to continue connecting with his students when his district outside of Houston shifted online in March. He’s a tech whiz, and he already had a good relationship with them. 

Internet connectivity problems slow down online learning



But when the Splendora school district returned to in-person instruction in September, Tomhave noticed subtle differences with his new students: When he rolls up on his mechanic’s stool and asks them about their day and their schoolwork, he gets an authentic and immediate response. He knows that would have been harder over email. His students are grasping concepts more readily in person, too.

“There is a big difference between accountability face to face and accountability online,” said Tomhave, who’s been teaching for about 13 years. 

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Kentucky Veterans Home Records 24th Virus Fatality as State’s Cases Hit Record

Two dozen veterans have died in a Covid-19 outbreak at a Kentucky state-run nursing home, as the state set a new record for its highest daily total of coronavirus infections.

Gov. Andy Beshear said Friday that Thomson-Hood Veterans Center had recorded its 24th Covid-19 fatality. He made the announcement the same day the state registered a record 3,164 cases.

Thomson-Hood Veterans Center, a state-owned long-term nursing care facility in the Lexington area, has experienced over 85 infections among residents, 48 of whom have recovered. There have been 65 infections among the center’s staff. More than 50 have recuperated.

The veterans center’s deaths recall the pandemic’s early days when nursing homes and assisted-living facilities experienced some of the worst outbreaks. From the pandemic’s start early this year to June, nursing homes reported nearly 32,000 resident deaths linked to the coronavirus, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


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9 ways to stay connected while working from home this winter

  • The first pandemic winter might feel especially challenging for those working from home, but building habits now can fend off loneliness and keep up motivation.
  • With limited interactions throughout the day, microsteps like starting a group chat or scheduling a virtual hangout with friends can significantly improve your mood and help you stay connected.
  • Other habits like switching up your video calls, mapping out your day, or performing time audits can help you prioritize and stay motivated. 
  • Above all, remember to make a conscious effort to take care of yourself. Set aside time for passion projects, pinpoint and avoid stressors, and do activities that spark joy throughout your day. 
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In a world reshaped by the pandemic, we’ve all learned to make adjustments and create new routines to take care of ourselves and be productive. But things are about to get a little harder.

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Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. (NYSE:HVT) Passed Our Checks, And It’s About To Pay A US$2.22 Dividend

Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. (NYSE:HVT) stock is about to trade ex-dividend in four days. This means that investors who purchase shares on or after the 20th of November will not receive the dividend, which will be paid on the 9th of December.

Haverty Furniture Companies’s next dividend payment will be US$2.22 per share, which looks like a nice increase on last year, when the company distributed a total of US$0.80 to shareholders. We love seeing companies pay a dividend, but it’s also important to be sure that laying the golden eggs isn’t going to kill our golden goose! So we need to check whether the dividend payments are covered, and if earnings are growing.

Check out our latest analysis for Haverty Furniture Companies

Dividends are typically paid out of company income, so if a company pays out more than it earned, its dividend is usually at a higher risk of

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How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss While Working From Home

It’s an obvious reality that having a good relationship with one’s boss is a great enabler of career success. After all, they’re the person most likely to vouch for us in terms of promotions, great performance reviews, exciting project opportunities, and more. When you’re working from home, however, building that employee-boss relationship can require a few tweaks.

The good news is that the fundamental quality of boss relationships is similar to the pre-pandemic world. In Leadership IQ’s study, The State Of Working From Home In 2020, 58% of people say that their relationship with their boss is the same working from home or in an office, so a lot of us haven’t seen much change. However, 27% say their relationship with their boss is much, or a little, better when they were working in an office. And 16% say their relationship with their boss is better now that they’re

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