There’s no feeling like a hot bath while your phone balances anxiously at the other side playing your favourite Netflix show. And when done right, your bathroom actually can become one of your favourite rooms to hang out.

We spend more time in our bathrooms than we think. Whether it’s washing ourselves, getting glammed up for a night out (remember those?), or nursing a hangover – we’re in there multiple times a day. So why shouldn’t we give it the same love as the rest of our home? It’s amazing how something as simple as investing in a nice mirror or adding a plant can brighten up the space you have, and treating your bathroom with the same care as the rest of your interiors will really pay off. Even when you’re renting, little tweaks can make a space feel more like home.

Despite changing seasons and trends, there’s always one thing that has left a lasting impact when it comes to designing a bathroom: marble. The luxury stone now comes in so many shades and patterns and is no longer the unaffordable material it once was. Whatever style you go for, incorporating marble through worktops or wall stones is a safe bet that will stand the test of time

.Other bathroom trends we can expect to see plenty of over the next year include: statement mirrors, plenty of greenery, and traditional silver taps and shower heads being shunned in favour of more industrial shades such as matte black.

So, if you’re ready to give your bathroom a glow-up, we’ve curated the ultimate edit of ideas to look at and help you make your decision.

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