No matter how much we experiment with home decor trends this season, we’ll always have a few festive favourites that feature year on year. It may vary from must-have elements for a quick space refresher to sentimental objects without which our Diwali decoration is incomplete.

We asked five Instagram influencers about the wow factor that lights up their festive setting. Here’s what they had to say…

01. Lead with light and colour

While all of us love to decorate our homes the whole year around, Diwali is a season which holds a special place for me and my family. I generally try to create a corner specifically keeping Diwali festivities and family gatherings in mind.

Stay with the basics of colour, light and minimalist decor.

For instance, my space for Diwali features Ganpati to bring in good luck and blessings, bright colourful decor in the form of cushions and rugs, greens for peace and not to forget the urli with floating candles that’s essential to the festival of lights.

— Kajal Tyagi (@kajal8212), Product Stylist & Décor Enthusiast

02. Let art and nature guide

Greens have been a go to for any festive spruce up. They have a way of seamlessly blending into any colour scheme, aesthetic, material palette. At Kalakaarihaath, we always try to incorporate them into our interior projects through live plants, fresh flowers and sometimes, even nature-inspired artwork.

Layer multiple mediums of art along with furniture upholstered with traditional prints that complement each other.

Art and prints are something that can instantly uplift a space. The motifs [like the elephant decals] can be traditional but their applications are more new- age and relevant.

— Sahiba Madan, Architect, Illustrator & Founder Kalakaarihaath @kalakaarihaath

03. Treasure the past

For me, festive signifies light and warmth. It doesn’t matter if it is Diwali or Christmas, something special that always holds a special place in my heart is heirlooms.

The emotions attached to objects make them even more beautiful.

This timeless brass, filigree-work candle-stand is almost 80 years old. It adorned my great-grandparents’ tablescapes and is now an integral part of mine.

Sharmila Patil (@sincerestoryteller), Lifestyle Blogger

04. Make it personal

This season, I’m absolutely loving all things personalized!

Although we can’t really go out to celebrate, our homes can have small special touches that make us smile.

AA living [Rohina’s lifestyle brand] has just launched personalized designs – zodiac constellations and monograms, which can be embroidered onto cushions and towels.

Rohina Anand Khira (@rohina), Textile designer & Founder AA Living

05. Mix it up

I love this time of the year! Celebration is in the air, yummy things being cooked and the house gets super clean and looks festive. At ours, we love decorating for Diwali.

Try a mixed material palette; metal and terracotta diyas, along with fresh flowers.

I’ve had these metal and enamel diyas that I purchased from a street vendor in Goa more than a decade ago. These are my heirlooms; I hope to keep them well and pass them on to my child someday. The sense of anticipation when I unwrap them is indescribable.

Noora D’Mello (@the_happy_florist), Floral Designer & DIY Enthusiast

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