A myriad of color and pattern, Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit is a coming of age story that starts in the stylish 1950’s. We watch a young Beth Harmon blossom from being orphaned at a young age and meeting Mr. Shaibel who taught her chess to how she copes with growing up feeling different to everyone else and fascinating matches she plays in the male dominated world of chess.

a person sitting on a chair in front of a window: The Queen's Gambit interiors

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The Queen’s Gambit interiors

Oh it’s just a fab story with a fab cast, and on around our 5th time viewing we started to notice, fab interiors inspiration! We see loads of gorgeous and interesting interiors  through out the show and we thought we would round up some of our fave looks and the clear trends that you can you bring into your home…

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1. Opt for all the Mid-century modern furniture

As the show is set in the 1950’s you can embrace Mid-century modern furniture and all the trimmings full on! Look out for walnut woods, curved shapes and tapered legs. Scour eBay for the real deal or head over to stores like Made and West Elm for modern day replicas of pieces seen on the show. Look out for velvet and fringe too!

2. Diamonds are a retro interior lover’s best friend

Diamond print wallpaper features quite heavily in the show, it’s a very versatile print that works in the fifties, sixties and present day interiors. You can use it in a subtle colour or be brave and go darker and mix in with other diamond patterns too of vary sizes and colours. 

3. Pick a key colour 

In the early scenes we see Beth moving into her new home with adoptive parents Alma and Allston Wheatley and the predominant colour in the hall and living room is teal. This is a colour that’s very popular currently so it’s an easy one to introduce into your existing schemes. We love how it frames the doorway to this bedroom and how the colour carries through to the bed – which is the perfect ‘Queen’s Gambit’ shape! 

4. Clash your patterns

Who fancies a cocktail bar in their living room? This stunning mirrored corner bar sits amongst pretty pastels, clashing patterns and bold accessories. It’s a look that sings to us with all the patterns and colours working together! Choose colours that have a similar tone so they harmonise and note that the wallpaper and armchair cushion both have birds and animals – this adds a quirky element. Curvy shapes are key too, the armchair, round side table and wall light all help the eye to flow around the room. 

5. Pink bathroom anyone?

Isn’t this bathroom the best thing since sliced bread? We’re positive that Beth would have loved it for her house after she revamped it in the show! The pastel pink sanitaryware goes well with black and you could team it with a print wallpaper for extra pattern and colour. 

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