A family on the Gold Coast were woken last night to an unexpected – and no doubt unwelcome – visitor, going into their bathroom to find a large python had trashed the space.

Gold Coast Snake Catcher – South East Reptile Relocations wrote in a post on Facebook that they were called to retrieve the 2.5 metre non-venomous carpet python from the family’s Tallebudgera home.

“A family in Tallebudgera was woken up by this 2.5m Carpet Python tonight which not only welcomed himself inside but began trashing the bathroom while making a poor attempt to escape,” the post read, alongside images of the massive creature.

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The snake was relocated by South East Reptile Relocations to a safe place.

As Australia’s mercury continues to rise, reptile experts have urged residents to remain vigilant, with more snakes on the move throughout the summer months, as their feeding and breeding season continues.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher’s Tony Harrison told the Gold Coast Bulletinearlier this year that he often finds snakes tucked away in strange places around homes and backyards, sometimes after they have been chased into hiding by pet dogs and cats.

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In a piece for Australian Geographic, Taronga Zoo keeper Emma Bembrick gave a number of tips for keeping in the clear of snakes, including making your house and property less attractive to snakes, keeping pests (like rodents) under control and remembering to keep your pets safe.

If you do come across a snake, she advised, “call a professional”.

“Never attempt to catch or kill a snake. This is illegal and snakes are incredibly important to the local ecosystem. There are a lot of great snake catchers who will safely and humanly relocate your new friend,” she said.

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