School board member resigns after Zoom meeting bathroom mishap

A New Jersey woman who once said she was “disgusted” by LGBT curriculum flushed her career on a local school board down the toilet this week by accidentally broadcasting her bathroom break on Zoom during a public meeting.

Frances Cogelja resigned as a trustee of the Hackensack Board of Education over the embarrassing video fail Monday night when she brought her laptop into the bathroom to relieve herself, according to the Daily Voice.

Cogelja apparently was unaware she’d left the camera on — and her trip to the toilet was witnessed by nearly 140 attendees of the virtual meeting, including students.

The board’s Vice President Scott James-Vickery addressed the NSFW spectacle later on.

“As far as I’m concerned, while our teachers are being professional and you’re at home, sitting on the toilet, we are moving on with this district doing what’s best,” he said.

Cogelja’s resignation was announced by the

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Are YOUR bad bathroom habits damaging your health?

While this year has seen us washing our hands more than ever, some of us may still be guilty of making the most basic hygiene mistakes at home, especially in the bathroom.

Intimate health expert Stephanie Taylor, managing director of StressNoMore, has revealed how common mistakes could potentially lead to more serious problems, including urinary tract infections and pelvic floor damage. 

Bad habits include spending too long on the loo, taking your phone with you into the bathroom and leaving your wet towels lying around after showering. 

She also advised keeping toothbrushes in a cabinet or investing in a head protector to avoid potentially harmful bacteria from the toilet transferring into your mouth.  

Intimate health expert Stephanie Taylor has revealed how common bathroom mistakes could potentially lead to more serious problems. Stock image

Lingering on the loo

It can be tempting to take your time when going to the toilet

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Serial sex offender Jared Walter indicted for invasion of privacy

Jared Walter has a history of cutting, gluing or masturbating into women’s hair on TriMet buses and trains.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Multnomah County grand jury indicted Jared Walter, a serial sex offender, for invasion of personal privacy after he allegedly took a photo or video of a woman inside a bathroom stall at the Lloyd Center mall in Portland earlier this month, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office reported.

Walter was arrested on Nov. 14. The grand jury charged him on Tuesday with one count of first-degree invasion of personal privacy, one count of first-degree attempted invasion of personal privacy, one count of second-degree invasion of personal privacy and one count of second-degree disorderly conduct.

RELATED: Serial sex offender arrested again, accused of taking photo of woman in Lloyd Center bathroom stall

On Nov. 14, Portland police received a report at 12:20 p.m. of a sex offense at the

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Late night bathroom trip saves campers from wildfire

A late-night bathroom trip saved this group of campers. Four friends and one of their sons were in the Northern New Mexico mountains when Ryan Holets woke up because of shoulder pain.”When I woke up it just wasn’t letting me sleep, and I was sitting there kind of just like, ‘Man, why is this bothering me? I really would like to be sleeping. I wish the pain would go away,” he said. It was then he saw the fire headed toward the group’s campsite. “I saw the entire sky to our south and east was just orange,” he said. He rushed back to his group to wake them up and get them out. “And they’re like, ‘Fire! Fire! Fire! Grab everything!’ And I was like, ‘Get dressed man, there’s a fire coming and we gotta go. We gotta get out of here,’” Matt Fisher, also on the trip, said. The

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Family Wakes up to Find Massive Python Snake ‘Trashing’ Their Bathroom

An 8-foot carpet python was captured by snake removal experts in Australia this week after “trashing” a family’s bathroom.

The uninvited guest was wrangled while attempting to flee from an open window above the toilet, after knocking over and destroying a number of bathroom items including perfumes and air fresheners, images from the scene have shown.

The close encounter with the large non-venomous constrictor occurred yesterday inside a property in Tallebudgera, near the Gold Coast, in Queensland.

Pictures of the snake were published to Facebook by South East Reptile Relocations, which was contacted to safely relocate the reptile, 9News reports.

The reptile catching company said: “A family in Tallebudgera was woken up by this Carpet Python tonight which not only welcomed himself inside but began trashing the bathroom while making a poor attempt to escape.”

The team said the spilled perfume was unlikely to have harmed the

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10 humidity-loving houseplants that will thrive in the bathroom

In your eagerness to add warmth to your interiors during the quarantine gardening boom, don’t forget about one humidity-filled haven: the bathroom.

“Bathrooms are a fun category,” said Annette Gutierrez of the Los Angeles plant store Potted. “I’ve got a whole hoya thing happening in mine. I love how they hang. Hanging plants are great in the bathroom where counter space is at a premium, and since most houseplants are tropicals, they love the humidity.”

Filled with moisture, bathrooms are an ideal environment for humidity-loving houseplants. But don’t substitute humidity for watering. “You still have to water your plants,” Gutierrez added.

Bloomscape plant expert Joyce Mast finds the bathroom a fun place to experiment. You can place them on a shelf, mount them on tile with adhesive-backed hooks or hang them from a tension rod. “Don’t be afraid to place plants in the shower,” Mast said. “They will love the

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Smart Bathroom Market 2020 with Global Industry Size, SWOT Analysis, Recent Trends, Demand and Share Estimation by 2023 with Top Countries Data

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Nov 23, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) —
The Smart Bathroom Market is estimated to record a significant growth throughout the forecast period. The ICT sector constitutes 4.8% of the European economy. Europe’s organization ERDF i.e. European Regional Development Fund has allotted approximately USD 23 billion for investments related to ICT during the funding period 2014-2020. ICT refers to the communication technologies including the internet, wireless networks, social networking, cell phones, video-conferencing, computers, software, and other media applications and services enabling users to access, retrieve, and manipulate information in a digital form.

The global smart bathroom market is expected to reach approximately USD 10.93 billion by 2023, growing at 10.74% CAGR from 2017 to 2023 .With the advent of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things and growing demand for automation, the market smart bathroom is anticipated to witness significant

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2.5-metre python ‘trashes family’s bathroom’

A 2.5 metre carpet python broke into a family’s house in the middle of the night and woke them up by “trashing” their bathroom, a snake catcher has said.

a close up of a reptile

© Provided by The Independent

Gold Coast Snake Catcher – South East Reptile Relocations, posted on Facebook that its team were called to a family home in the suburban town of Tallebudgera, in Queensland, Australia, to remove the reptile.

Images posted by the snake catcher show smashed ornaments, spilled beauty products, knocked over air freshener and perfume bottles on the family’s floor.

One image also showed the none-poisonous snake resting casually on the toilet while half of its body was hanging outside the window.

The post read: “A family in Tallebudgera was woken up by this Carpet Python tonight which not only welcomed himself inside but began trashing the bathroom while making a poor attempt to escape.”

Gallery: 15 indestructible dog

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How to properly relocate vent pipes in your bathroom

I live where it can get really cold, and they say moving the vent pipes can be a problem. Do you know anything about plumbing? Can the vent pipes be moved, yes or no? Can I just cap them off below the floor?

Also, what about moving wires and ductwork? Can that be accomplished? What’s involved when moving all these utilities? —Suzanne B., Minneapolis

A: Many DIYers have experienced that “uh-oh” moment at some point in their remodeling escapades. You know, when they gleefully start to tear down a wall and find all sorts of unexpected things going up through and between the wall studs.

The fast answer for Suzanne is the vent pipes can be moved. I can say this with a considerable amount of authority, as I’ve been a master plumber since age 29. The important question is: How easy will it be to relocate the

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Global Prefabricated Bathroom Pods Market 2020 Emerging Technologies, Opportunity Assessment, Projections and Future Opportunities by 2026

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Nov 23, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) —
Global Prefabricated Bathroom Pods Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 announced by provides an expert and in-depth analysis of key business trends and future market development prospects, key drivers and restraints, profiles of major market players, segmentation, and forecasting. The analytical review on the market presented in the report is a highly dependable ready-to-refer synopsis to produce novel perspectives about various concurrent and past events prevalent in the market. The report study shows the information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and the changing investment structure of the global Prefabricated Bathroom Pods market. It examines both historical as well as current market conditions eying for forecast accuracy. Both new entrants as well as established market players willing to establish a strong

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