Architectural styles for design-savvy travelers: Log cabin to lighthouse rentals

Part of the allure of getting away is to experience a different environment and that includes the architecture of the place you’re staying. It may not be possible to live full-time in a log cabin in the woods or historic lighthouse on an ocean bluff, but it’s fun to spend a few days there.

Here’s the third in a series of travel stories spotlighting the architecture of vacation stays.

Portland-based Vacasa compiled a list of the most famous architectural styles and matched each to one of the 25,000 vacation rental properties it manages across the U.S.

We also looked at Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor,, and other online travel agencies to see what’s being offered.

Before you start a trip, check for the most current travel recommendations and best practices to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Also read 10 things to consider before going back outside during the

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6 Tips for In-Person Networking During the Covid-19 Era

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

This article was written by Elizabeth Harris, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble is freelance matching platform leading the future of work. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right freelancers for your business, Entrepreneur NEXT will help you hire the freelancers you need, exactly when you need them. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top 3 percent of freelance experts ready to work for you. 

Between video calls, masks, and conversations six-feet apart, the way we interact with each other has changed this year. In a matter of months, millions of people have moved to doing business online, and with the cancellation of face-to-face meetings, events and conferences, the way we network has changed too. 

Restrictions and

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The 8 best places to buy holiday decor online

The 8 best places to buy holiday decor online

© Anthropologie/@hotpinkpineapple
The 8 best places to buy holiday decor online

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Thanksgiving may still be two weeks away, but for the Christmas-obsessed among us, the holiday season is already in full swing. Most retailers have already rolled out their holiday decorations and shops, and while it may seem early to start thinking about Christmas, amid the pandemic, it’s best to do your shopping—whether for gifts or decor—early to avoid shipping delays or product shortages.

Our experts have not only rounded up all of the best holiday gifts, we’ve also rounded up all of the best places to buy holiday decor right now. No matter what you’re looking for or how much you want to spend, there are plenty of retailers you can shop to find the perfect artificial tree or the

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New Design AirPods 3 Will Challenge Samsung, Bose & Sony

Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro continue to be hugely successful for the company, even as brands from Sennheiser to Bose, Samsung to Grado, dip their toes in the true-wireless headphone category. Now, a report from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the next version of AirPods is coming as soon as the first half of next year and will have a new design.

MORE FROM FORBESApple HomePod Mini 1st Review: Dead Cheap, But Is That Enough To Beat Amazon Echo?

The third-generation AirPods will, Kuo says, have a design that is much closer to the premium AirPods Pro. Which is certainly something that will keep rival brands on their toes.

When he revealed a new product design, it was an iMac,

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How to reduce greenhouse gas? Tips from a methane-eating microbe

How to reduce greenhouse gas? Tips from a methane-eating microbe
Methane-eating bacteria are found in extreme environments such as active geothermal hot springs. Credit: Inger Eriksen/Shutterstock

Scientists have determined the structure of a unique enzyme, produced by a species of methane-eating bacteria, that converts the greenhouse gas into methanol—a highly versatile liquid fuel and industrial product ingredient.

Their new study, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, is the first to report the structure of the enzyme, called soluble methane monooxygenase (sMMO), at room temperature in both its reduced and oxidized forms. This detailed structural information will help researchers design efficient catalysts for industrial methane to methanol conversion processes.

“We were able to reveal the structure of sMMO and see how the environment of the two iron atoms in the enzyme’s active site changes and supports the catalysis of this challenging chemical reaction,” said author Jan Kern, a Berkeley Lab bioscientist. The process “involves breaking a carbon-hydrogen

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Creative Ways to Make Your Home Look Bright And Beautiful This Diwali

a room filled with furniture and a large window: How to decorate your home this Diwali (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

© Juhi Kumari | Lifestyle Staff
How to decorate your home this Diwali (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

Diwali is all about cleaning and decorating your house. You jazz-up your home during the festivities to change its ambiance and make it look more enticing and welcoming. A few days before Diwali, everyone starts to clean every corner of their homes to give it a fresh look. On the day of the festival of lights, you put up candles, flowers and, diyas to make your home look fancy and vibrant. This Diwali, if you wish to give a unique and personal touch to your home d cor without spending too much, here is how you can do that.

Make Thread Lanterns

To make thread lanterns, you need Fevicol, balloons, cotton yarn, and a bowl. To begin, add some water and glue to the bowl. Mix them well. Now, put the yarn in

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This Age of Empires 2 Town Center LEGO Idea needs your vote

a group of people sitting around a baseball field

© Provided by Windows Central

Something like this, except LEGO.

Get this Town Center built!

What you need to know

  • An Age of Empires 2 Town Center is competing on the LEGO Ideas website.
  • It currently has more than 900 supporters and needs your vote to continue.
  • 10,000 supporting votes are required to enter the review process.
  • The Town Center can be rebuilt into Barracks, Archery Range, or Dock.

If you play as much Age of Empires 2 as some of us do around here, you might start seeing buildings and units bleed over into other games and activities. Who hasn’t tried recreating in something like Minecraft some of the legendary structures from the timeless real-time strategy (RTS) game?

Although it’s been a few years since LEGO crossed my path, it’s difficult as an Age of Empires fan to not get excited about a Town Center gaining support on the

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Top 10 Best & Easy Deepawali Rangloli Ideas

Diwali, the festival of lights marks the victory of good over evil. To celebrate the same, we clean our homes and decorate them with lights, diyas, new furniture, flowers, and rangolis. Vibrant rangolis add an element of flair to your house. We generally make rangolis at the entrance of our homes to welcome the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Laxmi and prevent evil or any kind of negativity from entering the house. Also Read – Diwali Rangoli Designs 2019: Best Deepawali Rangoli Designs That You Can Try This Year

Making rangolis at the entrance of your house is a century-old culture. You can create rangolis using colours, paints, pulses, rice powder, crushed limestone, or even chalk. These days, rangoli making is not a big task as you can easily find unique and beautiful rangoli tool kits in the market and online too. You can order your favourite rangoli making stencil and

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5 Instagram influencers open up their homes to give us tips

No matter how much we experiment with home decor trends this season, we’ll always have a few festive favourites that feature year on year. It may vary from must-have elements for a quick space refresher to sentimental objects without which our Diwali decoration is incomplete.

We asked five Instagram influencers about the wow factor that lights up their festive setting. Here’s what they had to say…

01. Lead with light and colour

While all of us love to decorate our homes the whole year around, Diwali is a season which holds a special place for me and my family. I generally try to create a corner specifically keeping Diwali festivities and family gatherings in mind.

Stay with the basics of colour, light and minimalist decor.

For instance, my space for Diwali features Ganpati to bring in good luck and blessings, bright colourful decor in the form of cushions and rugs,

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Home Decor Ideas For Any Household

At its core, home decor should be a reflection of you—which is why having a go-to list of home decor ideas can be helpful for those always itching to redecorate. Sometimes, figuring out exactly how to spruce up your space—no matter if your budget is big or small—can be overwhelming. There are so many elements to decorating and so many different rooms to style. Even if you live in a small apartment and not a massive house, you likely still have a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. That means, that some of the smallest homes still have a lot of space to decorate. And while ultimately the choice on how to style your home is yours, home decor ideas can help get the ball rolling.

Whether you have a large home or small, a lot of money to spend or none or just have one, singular room you

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