NAVC Launches its Inaugural Veterinary Hospital Design Virtual Seminar

“Creating the right environment within the veterinary hospital can decrease stress, increase practice productivity and enhance the overall veterinary visit for pets, their humans and the veterinary staff,” said Dana Varble, DVM and NAVC Chief Veterinary Officer. “While some of the changes in hospital design and construction today are COVID-19 driven, many others are based on accommodating advances in animal medicine and treatment. All reflect a commitment to building a space that enables veterinary professionals to deliver the highest quality care possible for our pets.” 

The NAVC Hospital Design program will offer 24 sessions including:

  • Stay Ahead with Emerging Design Trends. Melanie Friedman, LEED AP, NCARB, ALA, will present:
  • Exterior, private exam room access to allow for immediate social distancing and long-term benefits of separating breeds or stressed animals.
  • Better use of
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Bright Ideas: A Guide to Smart Solar Panels

If recent events have made you consider how you could be more self-reliant, solar panels are a great way to power your home (and its many devices) without depending on a large energy conglomerate—and smart technology has made setting up and using solar energy at home even easier.

Below, a few of the top choices should you decide to make the switch to sun power.



Tesla, makers of all things futuristic, have long been in the solar energy game, bringing their signature style and smarts to sun-fueled residential power. Available in the traditional solar panel option or as an entire roof composed of solar tiles, Tesla provides a low-profile, seamless design with no visible grid and concealed edges for a look that won’t overshadow your home’s aesthetic.

But they’re more than just pretty panels. Tesla’s expertly crafted sun-catching technology will enable owners to power their properties in a

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Tips For Choosing and Keeping a Fresh Christmas Tree in Florida

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic happening around the world, many have been turning to holiday decor for some much-needed cheer. Now as December approaches, it seems more families are opting for the scent and comfort of a real Christmas tree.

© Provided by NBC Miami

If this is your first time keeping a live tree at home in Florida, here are some tips from Michigan State University’s Department of Horticulture and Foresty on how to successfully pick out a tree and keep it looking fresh.

  • Before going to buy your tree, measure the height of your ceiling, especially since trees seem smaller outdoors than they do inside.
  • Try to find a spot for the tree that’s away from direct heat sources, because it will use more water and dry out faster. It’s also convenient to place it near an electrical outlet, so you can easily plug in
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7 ways to increase festive curb appeal

If you’re looking for Christmas porch decorating ideas this year, then you’ll find them right here, as we’ve gathered together some inspo-a-plenty for all your doorstep design desires. 

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: null

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Giving the outside of your home the festive curb-appeal it deserves is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and by celebrating all things festive in this way, it can really set the tone for the rest of your homes Christmas decor scheme too. 

This tradition not only provides a warm welcome for your arrival home each day, but will make guests and neighbors smile, so decorating a porch really is a joyful activity. 

So, if you’re ready to dust down your front step, wind some foliage and light the lights, this is the guide for you.

1. Go big on greenery for a statement entrance

Is there anything more striking than an oversized

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7 tips for decorating for the holidays on a budget

Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are fast approaching. Decorating your home for the holidays brings a special joy to the season.

a close up of food: Candy canes make festive, inexpensive decorations during the holiday season.

Candy canes make festive, inexpensive decorations during the holiday season.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to make your house festive. Find items around the house or stop at the local dollar store to find inspiration. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Remember days gone by and recreate the magic of your childhood by making popcorn strings and colored paper chains. They can be used to decorate the tree, mantle or anywhere you can imagine. Make it a family project and talk about the “old days” before cellphones and the internet.

2. Create a centerpiece by using a glass bowl or vase and fill it with pinecones, glass ornaments, fresh branches and berries. Sometimes simple decorations create the most magic.


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These Christmas crafts are inspiring us to DIY our decor right now

Sure Christmas is set to be a little different this year, but if anything it’s simply amplified our love and need of gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas and this year, we’re being even more original – to be precise – we’re making Christmas crafts! 

a vase of flowers on a table: null

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So we’ve selected these easy Christmas craft ideas to keep you and your family merry and bright throughout the festive period. Chances are, we’ll have more time on our hands than normal, so it’s the perfect excuse to get crafting!

Tried and tested for both ease and enjoyment, these 6 DIY Christmas craft ideas are not only mindful and calming activities, but the final products themselves are of high quality and high style too – you can trust us because we’re pretty tough critics when it comes to DIY Christmas decorations after all…

1. Craft and paint your own Scandi-style tree

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DIY Holiday Decor: Don’t feel like shopping? Make your own decorations this year | Life

Eye-catching, mood-enhancing centerpieces for events and just-the-right decorations for your dining room table or mantle can sometimes be difficult to find.

And, finding something custom-made with the colors you need can also be tricky. This is how I ended up making ribbon topiaries many years ago.

As the marketing director at my place of employment, I was responsible for our community events and activities. We always looked for ways to decorate that were unique.

Having seen ribbon topiaries online and on Pinterest, I decided to try to make some for the event. They were so popular, I had friends asking me to make them for other events and their homes.

Then I started making ribbon ornaments, trees and then badge reels and jewelry, which were items I loved to make when I was younger.

Eventually, I did what thousands of crafters before me have done: I became a part of

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Decorating do’s and don’ts | Living

More than ever, local homeowners are going BIG on decorations for the yard as the pandemic strands many families at home this holiday season. But many don’t realize sparkling lights and giant ornaments can damage trees, and kill your yard, costing you thousands of dollars!

You may not know it, but your holiday decorating could be killing your yard and trees.

Stringing lights and hanging ornaments on trees could cause damage and the greenery to dry out. In serious cases, it could lead to homeowners paying for tree removal.

The average cost of removing a 40-foot tree is $1,000, according to Monster Tree Service.

To avoid that scenario, Monster Tree Service offered these tips for how to safely decorate trees, while keeping them healthy and alive.


• Screw or nail any decoration into a tree. It wounds the tree and exposes the extremely delicate cambium (the part of

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Fire safety tips for holiday decorating

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – With Thanksgiving now behind us, many people will be putting up holiday decorations this weekend.

text, whiteboard: Tips from Henrico Fire Department when you're decorating for the holidays

© Provided by Richmond-Petersburg WWBT
Tips from Henrico Fire Department when you’re decorating for the holidays

Doug Reynolds, a Battalion Chief for the Henrico Fire Department, says keeping your house safe starts with a safe tree.

“Make sure that you get a nice green tree, grab those needles and pull on it, because if you end up with a big handful of needles that is not a fresh tree and it’s already starting to dry out, and it’s going to be a problem in your house,” he said.

Reynolds also says if you’re using a real Christmas tree, you want to keep any heat source 36 inches, or the length of a yardstick away.

When you grab last year’s lights, he says to make sure they don’t have any broken

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Netflix’s Jeremiah Brent Shares His Best Holiday Decorating Tips

A good cup of coffee can be hard to come by, especially with so many making their java at home nowadays. The thing is, even the fanciest at-home coffee makers have limitations and let’s face it, they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, thanks to the functional and fashionable Saeco Xelsis machine, coffee lovers can invest in a beautifully designed product that’s able to meet all their beverage needs. Don’t just take our word for it, Netflix’s Say I Do star Jeremiah Brent stands behind the machine and uses it on a daily basis with his family. From bringing his husband, interior designer Nate Berkus, coffee in bed every morning to giving his daughter warm milk or hot chocolate with the machine’s variety of settings, to say the device is versatile would be

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