Decor tips for a #StayHome Diwali

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Decor tips for a #StayHome Diwali

It’s that time of the year when we gear up to celebrate the Festival of Lights with our family and friends. Diwali usually means socialising and visiting others’ homes and exchanging gifts. This year, however, most of us will celebrate with our near-and-dear ones at home. Décor remains an important aspect of all Diwali celebrations. We bring you some exciting tips to do up your home.

1.Make paper flowers instead of using real flowers to decorate your home. Use the unused paper you may have at home and start making flowers with your family. There are many videos online that offer a step-by-step guide to making paper flowers.

2.Use pulses and grains available at home to make Rangoli designs. Following tradition while going eco-friendly is the way forward.

3.Paper mache statues of the deity can be a good addition. You can learn how to make these from paper mache and paint them. You can add ornaments to these statues later. As tough as it may sound, it’s actually fun.

4.Add colour to your walls and furniture. Paint your house with some fresh colours. Adding a bit of sparkle by adding gold/silver/sequined cushions on the couch and bedroom can add festive vibe.

5. Paint small (shot) glasses this season. Light-paint the glasses and see the magic. You can keep the diyas inside later and see the glass reflect beautifully.

Marwah and Chawla helm the Dubai-based interior and event production agency Vareta

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