“We implemented safety protocols for our office and in the field, well before shelter in place went into effect,” said Gregg Cantor, President of Murray Lampert.

Making sure the office and jobsites are safe was the company’s number one priority. At the same time, with new software, Murray Lampert enabled staff to work remotely to maintain productivity and improve the client experience.

“I personally called our trade partners to inform them that we were following all protocols and being recognized as an essential business, so we could all continue to work,” says Cantor. “I then contacted all of our clients to make sure that they were comfortable with us working on their projects.  All of Murray Lampert’s approved and were pleased.

Several media outlets featured Murray Lampert and Gregg Cantor as a business that was continuing under COVID-19 restrictions. https://www.10news.com/news/team-10/local-building-industry-adapting-to-covid-19-restrictions

As a member of the City of San Diego Technical Advisory Committee, Gregg Cantor not only is on top of the new city services and technology, he provides input on permit submittals and field inspections. “We conducted the first virtual inspection in San Diego and Solana Beach,” says Cantor. “The inspector was in his car with an iPad and we were on the job walking around with the plans. He asked us questions and we showed the areas he wanted to take a look at on Facetime, and then he signed off on it.”

The company has continued to grow even during a challenging year.  Notably, Rachel Cantor the fourth generation in the Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, was promoted to Vice President of Operations. In this newly expanded role, Rachel will now oversee the overall vision for Murray Lampert throughout the customer relationship. In addition, the design department is now split into two departments: architecture and interior design. A new architect was hired to oversee the architecture team and a new design assistant was hired to support the interior design team.  President & CEO Gregg Cantor, who has been running Murray Lampert since 1990, shifts to a more global role.

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