When it comes to staying indoors, most of us find ourselves lying on the couch. However, according to studyfind.org, experts are now saying this is dangerous, especially for pregnant women.

They say some common household chemicals can cause offspring to develop diabetes.

Flame retardant chemicals are added to everything. From furniture, to upholstery, to electronics, it’s all over our homes and it’s impossible to avoid.

Experts say over time, these chemicals are released into the air we breathe, and some studies show how these particles spread from electronics to our hands.

The most harmful chemicals have been banned from production, but scientists still find them in human blood, fat and breast milk, experts say.

Researchers conducting a study on mice saw that no matter how many chemicals the mice were exposed to, all of them developed symptoms linked to diabetes.

They also had molecules in their livers that have a connection to appetite, metabolism and obesity.

So, what’s the best way to protect yourself?

Experts say to be mindful of your exposure.

It’s also important to remember to frequently wash your hands, vacuum regularly and consider buying furniture that doesn’t use flame retardant chemicals.

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