Over the past two years, Samsung has delivered some of the best truly wireless earbuds on the market, with the Galaxy Buds+ leaving an especially good first impression. Now, the company is preparing to launch Galaxy Buds Pro, and leaked renders are revealing the interesting design.

@evleaks today posted on Voice a duo of images of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, giving us our first look at the design of the buds themselves. As previous reports had pinned down, these are silicone-tipped earbuds unlike the Galaxy Buds Live which Samsung launched over the summer.

Notably, though, Samsung is putting together quite a collection of designs with these earbuds. They’re not quite as simple as the Buds and Buds+, pulling in the shiny look of the Buds Live. But, they also retain silicone tips and the footprint those carry with them, like the older Galaxy Buds offerings. It sounds like a weird mixture on paper, but seeing it in practice it seems like it’ll work out great!

Also from the Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro are using the same case design. Gone is the elongated oval, traded for a squarish case that seems to be basically identical to the Buds Live case. If true, that means it will be slightly thicker compared to Buds+, but offering a slightly smaller overall footprint.

Galaxy Buds Pro are expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy S21 next month.

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