Remote Architecture Education: How To Study Architecture Through Drawings

Now that traveling is restricted and mobility is limited, having the ability to get a sense of the space in person is somewhat impossible. Naturally, if we were to choose between being present in the project or skimming through images online, the choice would be the former. But luckily, we still have books and architecture websites to keep us well-informed.  

In a new Youtube video, Archimarathon’s Kevin Hui and Andrew Maynard explain how we can understand architecture without being physically present in the project, but by letting our visualization skills and imagination do the investigations instead.

How To Study Architecture Through Drawings | Understanding Procession | Travelling Without Moving

In their video, the architects demonstrate how we can understand buildings through plans, sections, and drawings, and eventually connect all the dots with the images. To further explain their approach to understanding architecture remotely, Hui explores Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos’ Porciuncula de la Milagrosa Chapel in Colombia. The architect explains how details in technical drawings can help visualize the space and create momentums and emotions. Without visiting the project, Hui was able to understand the spatial journey that the visitor experiences from the minute he/she steps on the adjacent hill, transitioning from outdoor to indoors, up until leaving the chapel, giving insights to how we can dissect these drawings to illustrate our imagination.

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