A Roseville restaurant owner said thieves have targeted his outdoor dining furniture as they try to weather business restrictions and the coronavirus pandemic.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The Brickyard Kitchen and Bar in Roseville invested in outdoor dining set ups to serve their guests during the pandemic and have tried to make it as comfortable as possible with heating lamps and lights. Yet, over the past few months, the eatery has been a target for thieves.

Owner Brian O’Neill shared screengrabs from security cameras that showed two people in the act of taking patio furniture. He said the photos are from late October and that the videos were shared with police.

He said people were initially stealing things here and there, but over time, a heavy fire pit was wheeled away and two days ago some thieves showed up in the middle of the night with a ladder.

“All the different things we have to do to meet the Covid requirements, and then to have someone showing up at night picking off things that you just bought – that you couldn’t afford to buy… it’s a little frustrating,” O’Neill said.

And his restaurant isn’t the only one that has been hit. Roseville Police said they are actively investigating a string of similar burglaries.

“We’re working triple hard trying to keep our businesses going– our employees are working triple hard, you know. Maybe assess your values there a little bit,” O’Neill said.

Anyone with information that can help investigators can call Roseville Police Department.

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