A New Jersey woman who once said she was “disgusted” by LGBT curriculum flushed her career on a local school board down the toilet this week by accidentally broadcasting her bathroom break on Zoom during a public meeting.

Frances Cogelja resigned as a trustee of the Hackensack Board of Education over the embarrassing video fail Monday night when she brought her laptop into the bathroom to relieve herself, according to the Daily Voice.

Cogelja apparently was unaware she’d left the camera on — and her trip to the toilet was witnessed by nearly 140 attendees of the virtual meeting, including students.

The board’s Vice President Scott James-Vickery addressed the NSFW spectacle later on.

“As far as I’m concerned, while our teachers are being professional and you’re at home, sitting on the toilet, we are moving on with this district doing what’s best,” he said.

Cogelja’s resignation was announced by the board on Tuesday afternoon.

They have until Jan. 29 to fill her board seat.

Reached by phone, Cogelja declined to discuss her resignation with The Post.

“I will not have a statement,” she said.

Cogelja made headlines over the summer for saying she was “disgusted and appalled” by a new law requiring LGBT history to be taught in classrooms, NorthJersey.com reported at the time.

“I find it repugnant that someone’s sexual preferences have anything to do with their contributions or achievements in society,” Cogelja wrote in an email to acting Superintendent Rosemary Marks in February. “Everywhere I turn, this alternate lifestyle narrative is being shoved (down) our children’s throats. Where does it end???”

Her comments earned her hours of attacks from parents at a subsequent meeting, with parents demanding she resign, the publication said.

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