The turkey dinner leftovers are all gone. The pies have all been gobbled up. The virtual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is complete.

It’s now officially time to start decorating for Christmas (unless, of course, you already have … no judgment here)! As I pull out the boxes and bins of Christmas decor and pick through what will deck my halls, I also love to check out what is new and trendy in the holiday decor world.

This year’s research has led me to three great themed Christmas decor ideas. I’m hoping to incorporate one or two of them into my design plans. And, with two Christmas trees and multiple rooms to decorate with holiday cheer, I have plenty of options. This year’s ideas are centered around classic vintage, rustic farmhouse and winter white. For more ideas, check out our Christmas Crafts, Recipes and More board on Pinterest.

Classic vintage

If you’re looking to bring a bit of nostalgia to your holidays this year, time to dig through the old boxes of decorations you haven’t peeked at in decades. You never know what types of retro treasures are waiting to be uncovered. If you don’t have a secret stash of old, forgotten Christmas boxes, don’t fret. There are beautiful recreations of those beloved designs that can be found online at eBay, Etsy, West Elm and even in some box stores.

When it comes to vintage styles, mercury glass ornaments, vibrantly colored tinsel trees, ceramic light-up trees, bubble tree lights, ornament wreaths, upcycled ornament boxes, and even Christmas greeting cards from the ‘30s and ‘40s are all perfect for creating a festive flashback this year. One simple idea would be to fill rustic canning jars with piles of old, burned-out colored lightbulbs. You could also find some printable vintage-looking images to hang in ornate frames. Or create your own ornament wreath.

Rustic farmhouse

Thanks to my favorite TV home designers like Chip and Joanna Gaines, farmhouse style with all its rustic, exposed wood, galvanized steel and shiplap, has become a hot trend in everyday interior design. That trend is now showing up in holiday decor as well. In a farmhouse-style holiday motif, vibrant Christmas colors are replaced with muted neutrals. Wood elements are mixed with natural greenery that is adorned with burlap, wooden beads and other hints of “farm life.”

To incorporate this style into your holiday style this year, head to our backyard for inspiration and design elements. Grab a bunch of those fallen pinecones, spray paint them gold or silver and tie them to strands of jute twine to hang on your wall. Adorn with a festive green or red bow for a pop of color. Trim a limb from that pine tree in the backyard and adorn with battery-operated fairy lights. Add a string to each end of the limb and hang on your wall. A much-cheaper version of a recent Crate and Barrel find.

Winter white

Even if it’s not quite a winter wonderland outside, yet, you can create that magical feeling inside by opting for a white-out Christmas decor theme. Flocked trees, whether artificial or real, are the perfect basis for creating that winter white feeling. Enhance that elegance by adorning the tree in shades of white and silver. Hoping to incorporate a little color? Try an icy blue for an extra magical pop.

If you want to add to your current white collection, consider heading to the Dollar Store and purchasing some simple holiday ceramics. Maybe a simple Christmas village or snow scene, for example. Then, grab a can of flat white spray paint and create some snowy fun. Or, grab some cone-shaped floral forms and wrap in a thick white yarn. Glue at the top of the tree and then attach a silver star. Adorn with fairy lights for a simple, white centerpiece.

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