Thanksgiving travelers try to reach destinations amid COVID-19

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Published 9:21 a.m. ET Nov. 27, 2020 | Updated 9:29 a.m. ET Nov. 27, 2020


Here are 6 tips to know before you book your flight during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite fewer Thanksgiving travelers than years prior, Wednesday was the busiest flying day since the pandemic started despite COVID-19 case numbers and death tolls rising – and flyer numbers could increase as Thanksgiving festivities finish and travelers head back home, leftovers in tow.

Historically, the days following Thanksgiving can be even busier than the days leading up to the holiday, meaning a rise in travelers is expected in the coming days. Last year, the Transportation Security Administration reported 2.8 million travelers passed through TSA security checkpoints nationwide on Dec. 1, the Sunday following the holiday. It marked the busiest day of the 2019 Thanksgiving season and set a record for the busiest day in

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COVID-19 leads to change in architecture, design industry

We’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed day-to-day routines, but the future could also look different in the way buildings and homes are designed.

The build of a home and the design of a building are concepts that are being forced to evolve because of the pandemic.

“Larger corporate businesses are completely changing how they think about their space,” Ersela Kripa, the acting program director in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech, said. “There will have to be a cultural change in how we imagine social interactions because architecture is always so interested in bringing people together and so what does that mean now and bringing people together now has this other layer of safety.”

COVID-19 is leading to a change in the future of architecture and traditional design ideas.

“I think even if there is a vaccine or if we feel safe for indoor spaces, I really

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27 veterans die in COVID-19 outbreak at Illinois VA home

State officials are investigating a coronavirus outbreak at a veterans home in rural Illinois that has infected nearly 200 residents and staff members, and killed 27 veterans

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office and the state’s Department of Veterans Affairs are attempting to determine what caused the outbreak at the state-run LaSalle Veterans Home in LaSalle, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) southwest of Chicago.

The department on Tuesday requested an independent probe into the facility, which was the focus of a state Senate committee virtual hearing on the outbreak.

“The tragedy of what has unfolded at the veterans’ home

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FilmLA Urges ‘Strict’ Compliance With COVID-19 Protocols Amid Stay-at-Home Order

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Permitting agency FilmLA has made an extraordinary pitch to producers to remain in “strict” compliance” with COVID-19 safety protocols as California tightens overall regulations.

The agency made the announcement Tuesday in the wake of the new limited stay-at-home order issued by the state of California, which took effect on Nov. 21 in order to pause all non-essential work and gatherings from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night. FilmLA noted that California has viewed workers supporting the film, television and commercial production industry —who number in the hundreds of thousands in Greater Los Angeles — as “essential” for the state’s critical infrastructure.

“FilmLA is unaware of any plans to revisit or modify the state’s essential worker definitions, but new stay-at-home orders this week remind us that the COVID-19 pandemic’s progress is unpredictable, and new business regulation can affect any industry at the state,

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College students returning home face challenges amid COVID-19 pandemic


Passengers traveling through the A.B. Won Pat International Airport on Guam are subjected to thermal imaging scans to measure body temperatures as authorities battle the spread of the coronavirus.

Pacific Daily News

As Thanksgiving approaches, thousands of Guam residents weigh the risk of pandemic travel. Among this group of people, college students face a daunting challenge: How to safely return home but avoid bringing a deadly virus.

In a country with 250,000 coronavirus deaths, universities nationwide are allowing students to go home for a long Thanksgiving break and finish their semesters remotely.

So what are experts recommending to students to reduce the possibility carrying the coronavirus with them?

Public Health website 

All college students returning to Guam are subject to quarantine. Proof of negative test results outside of Guam aren’t accepted.

The Department of Public Health and Social Services website delineates requirements prior to travel. Incoming passengers, regardless of

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Denver mayor pleads with residents as new COVID-19 restrictions take effect: “Please stay home”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock pleaded with residents Friday to stay home as new COVID-19 restrictions go into effect in the city and Denver County. 

“I’m asking, I’m urging, I’m pleading with everyone: Please stay home,” he said. “Please only go out for essential services.”

The mayor suggested buying a small turkey for Thanksgiving this year and urged people to celebrate only with those they live with.

“I know this is hard. I know you hate this. I hate this,” he said. “But we are doing our best to avoid a complete shutdown of our economy and, as our governor put it the other day, a catastrophic breach of our hospital system. We are trying our very best to protect lives and to protect livelihoods.”

Denver was one of 15 counties in Colorado that moved to “Level Red” on Friday due to a surge of COVID-19 cases. Level Red indicates “severe

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FDA authorized a COVID-19 home test, but the rollout will be limited


At-home testing could transform the fight against the novel coronavirus.


The nation’s first Food and Drug Administration authorized home coronavirus test will cost about $50 and deliver results in 30 minutes or less.

But forget about the test if you want to know whether you have COVID-19 before visiting family for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit will be limited to patients at Sutter Health in Northern California and Cleveland Clinic Florida in Miami-Fort Lauderdale until next spring. And even then, you must have symptoms and a health provider’s referral to get the test.

With the nation’s labs, doctors and urgent care centers routinely testing more than 1.5 million Americans each day, experts don’t expect the new test will make an immediate and meaningful difference for most Americans.

“I’m afraid in the near future, it’s not going to have a large impact,” said Dr.

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Drew Barrymore on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ Zoom and COVID-19

Drew Barrymore has been exploring her own talk show for years. But never in a million years did the star of “The Wedding Singer,” “50 First Dates” and “Never Been Kissed” imagine that when the day finally arrived, “The Drew Barrymore Show” would air during a pandemic.

“I have worked really hard on a lot of things in my life that didn’t manifest, and I know those all ended up being building blocks for something else, so I tried to keep that discipline that I don’t think anything is a waste of time,” says Barrymore, who serves as host and executive producer of the show. “The harder you work and the more you apply yourself, somewhere, it will pay off.”

Back in 2016, Barrymore was in early conversations with Warner Bros. TV about the possibility of a talk show. Three years later, in mid-2019, Barrymore shot a pilot for a

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Doctor Says Stay Home This Thanksgiving Amid COVID-19 Pandemic : Shots

With coronavirus cases surging and more than 250,000 dead, the CDC is recommending people not travel for Thanksgiving. And doctors worry the holiday could be a superspreader event.
With coronavirus cases surging and more than 250,000 dead, the CDC is recommending people not travel for Thanksgiving. And doctors worry the holiday could be a superspreader event.

Thanksgiving in my childhood home is more of a sport than a meal. Why have one pie when you can have seven? Why have a turkey when you can stuff a chicken inside a duck, and the duck inside a turkey? Why have one family over when you can invite the whole neighborhood?

Some relatives prepare for the day like athletes: My cousin’s game plan, for instance, was to eat heavily for the week before, then fast for 24 hours. “That way, your stomach is stretched out before you get really hungry.”

As an internal medicine doctor, I can’t attest to the soundness of his plan, but as a witness I can say no one could match his insatiable enthusiasm.

But this year, Thanksgiving will be in my apartment in Seattle, far from my parents’ Chicago home. My siblings will be scattered across the country with their children. There will

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Nursing home worker says COVID-19 restrictions causing depression in residents

The elderly had already faced isolation and loneliness. Now, it’s getting worse.

“The older population already runs the risk of being very lonely in our society, whether they live in a facility such as ours or they live at home. So that was something we saw right away among the dementia patients — the ones who really require a lot of routine and normalcy,” Katy Tenner told ABC News’ daily podcast, “Start Here.” “There was nothing normal or routine about suddenly having their loved ones not being able to come visit.”


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