Kitchen Design Ideas – Which?

Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing to decide is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start from scratch.

Look at what you already have, and think about what you like and don’t like about it. It can help to draw up a list of what you want to keep, move or remove completely. 

If your kitchen layout already works well, you’ll save money by keeping things in the same place, particularly your sink and appliances.

If you’re planning to move house soon, totally transforming your kitchen might not be worth it. Many buyers want to put their own stamp on a place, but they won’t want to replace a new kitchen. Refreshing it with cheaper updates might be the best way to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. 

If you do want a brand new kitchen, visit our best kitchen brands

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The SHAPL Design Contest is here to prototype your ideas into actual products!

While most design competitions reward ideas, SHAPL is actually committed to developing them. One of the few design competitions that’s focused on the outcome rather than just the concept, the SHAPL Design Competition takes winning ideas and actually develops them into real-world products that people can buy, use, and be delighted by! The process is quite simple. Develop your design, upload it to SHAPL’s competition dashboard, and it gets judged not just by a jury, but also by consumers who would love to own the product. Consumers vote for products they like, bringing the human-centric element into the competition, allowing the market to choose the most market-ready, market-worthy product… while the jury panel also helps vet designs based on practicality, aesthetics, and overall appeal. Winners not only see their products turn into reality, but also get patents to their designs, and hefty cash prizes of up to $10,000.

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Fun ideas for decorating your home or holiday table |

(Meredith) — Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Martha Stewart has some fun ideas for decorating your home or holiday table.

For starters, the kid’s table is a place to really let your creative juices flow and nearly every kid loves a parade, so why not combine the two.

On Martha Stewart’s website, you can print out different templates to create a fun and festive parade, equipped with the Empire State Building and different floats.

As for the adult’s table, all you’ll need is some dried wheat in order to make braided napkin rings, which will spruce up any holiday table. In order to make one, just braid three strans for each ring, then tie the braids together in two loops.

If you’re looking for more ideas, look no further than a traditional cheese plate. Well, we use the word “traditional” loosely. Instead of putting your cheese directly onto

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10 Unique Dining Table Ideas

It’s only natural that people would be beginning to focus on table settings and decor this time of year. With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the holiday season nearly here, these are the days when the dining room has its moment. Even if the gatherings are much smaller this year — or limited to immediate family — all eyes will be on the dining area.

With that in mind, we’ve shifted our focus a little away from the table setting and toward the table itself. What makes a dining table unique? How can homeowners select a table that’s eye-catching but also practical for their everyday needs? We selected ten dining tables we love in rooms across the country, ranging from traditional to trend-setting. Take a look at our favorites below, browse some of our one-of-a-kind vintage and antique or brand-new tables, and find inspiration for your next meal.


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8 trendy kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021, according to designers

a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen: 8 trendy kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021, according to designers

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8 trendy kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021, according to designers

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Chances are you’ve spent more time than usual in your kitchen this year (thanks, pandemic), and if the space is feeling a little stale, it might be time for an upgrade. Kitchen remodeling is always a popular home project, as this room gets used more than most, and as an added bonus, a new kitchen can add a lot of value to your home if you decide to sell down the line.

However, the question is always where to focus your efforts. We wanted to know the most popular kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021, so we asked a few of our favorite interior designers for their thoughts. Here are the trends they think will be big in the

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Top 10 Best & Easy Deepawali Rangloli Ideas

Diwali, the festival of lights marks the victory of good over evil. To celebrate the same, we clean our homes and decorate them with lights, diyas, new furniture, flowers, and rangolis. Vibrant rangolis add an element of flair to your house. We generally make rangolis at the entrance of our homes to welcome the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Laxmi and prevent evil or any kind of negativity from entering the house. Also Read – Diwali Rangoli Designs 2019: Best Deepawali Rangoli Designs That You Can Try This Year

Making rangolis at the entrance of your house is a century-old culture. You can create rangolis using colours, paints, pulses, rice powder, crushed limestone, or even chalk. These days, rangoli making is not a big task as you can easily find unique and beautiful rangoli tool kits in the market and online too. You can order your favourite rangoli making stencil and

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Home Decor Ideas For Any Household

At its core, home decor should be a reflection of you—which is why having a go-to list of home decor ideas can be helpful for those always itching to redecorate. Sometimes, figuring out exactly how to spruce up your space—no matter if your budget is big or small—can be overwhelming. There are so many elements to decorating and so many different rooms to style. Even if you live in a small apartment and not a massive house, you likely still have a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. That means, that some of the smallest homes still have a lot of space to decorate. And while ultimately the choice on how to style your home is yours, home decor ideas can help get the ball rolling.

Whether you have a large home or small, a lot of money to spend or none or just have one, singular room you

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IoT Service Hub drives IoT products from ideas to mass production

IoT application has an enormous impact in different industries nowadays. Since the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, IoT technology becomes a necessary tool for everything. However, with many years of development, IoT technologies and solutions have gradually matured but the applications are not able to be used as everyone expected. The reason behind it is that most of the IoT solutions are often created by startup teams, which are likely to run out of resources in the early stage of development and unable to proceed to pilot production or field testing, not to mention mass production, rapid replication and application scope expansion.

In order to help IoT startups overcome challenges and successfully bring their products to mass production, IoT Service Hub was launched under the organization of Institute for Information Industry (III) and with the support from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. IoT Service Hub has assisted more

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30 Fall Porch Decor Ideas for Autumn Curb Appeal

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so it’s high time we got our fall porch decor set up. (We may or may not still have to take our Halloween decorations down…). This year we plan to go all out on sprucing up our front steps, beyond just a lone corn stalk. Here, 30 fall porch decor ideas—including wreaths, gourds and more—to get your home ready for autumn.

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Glitzhome Pip Berry Artificial Wreath

Secure this festive wreath to your front door and you’re instantly ready for autumn. Plus, the soft tones of yellow, orange and brown will look natural among the changing leaves in your front yard.

Buy It ($50)

Stonebriar Wooden Candle Lantern

The days are getting shorter and setting up a few of these lanterns will create a warm glow for your entryway each evening. Stick a real candle inside

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Home decor ideas for the festive season

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

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The golden rule of home décor is to live with what you love. And if you agree with the statement, then this festive season decorate your house as per your taste and not just the trend, advises Sushhmita Siingh, principal designer, Sushmita Singh Design. The festival season calls for an ultra-festive makeover of the house and this year should be no different. So, to light up your home and make it truly reflect your personal style, we’ve compiled a little list of key home decor ideas to brighten up the festivities.

Be innovative with light

Think of ideas where you can play with key sources of lights and invest in DIY projects to make your own statement lights. From classy traditional designs to quirky contemporary ones, you have enough options to explore and tweak them as per your taste and needs. While designing and

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