Fire safety tips for holiday decorating

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – With Thanksgiving now behind us, many people will be putting up holiday decorations this weekend.

text, whiteboard: Tips from Henrico Fire Department when you're decorating for the holidays

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Tips from Henrico Fire Department when you’re decorating for the holidays

Doug Reynolds, a Battalion Chief for the Henrico Fire Department, says keeping your house safe starts with a safe tree.

“Make sure that you get a nice green tree, grab those needles and pull on it, because if you end up with a big handful of needles that is not a fresh tree and it’s already starting to dry out, and it’s going to be a problem in your house,” he said.

Reynolds also says if you’re using a real Christmas tree, you want to keep any heat source 36 inches, or the length of a yardstick away.

When you grab last year’s lights, he says to make sure they don’t have any broken

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Netflix’s Jeremiah Brent Shares His Best Holiday Decorating Tips

A good cup of coffee can be hard to come by, especially with so many making their java at home nowadays. The thing is, even the fanciest at-home coffee makers have limitations and let’s face it, they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, thanks to the functional and fashionable Saeco Xelsis machine, coffee lovers can invest in a beautifully designed product that’s able to meet all their beverage needs. Don’t just take our word for it, Netflix’s Say I Do star Jeremiah Brent stands behind the machine and uses it on a daily basis with his family. From bringing his husband, interior designer Nate Berkus, coffee in bed every morning to giving his daughter warm milk or hot chocolate with the machine’s variety of settings, to say the device is versatile would be

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5 tips for crushing it as a work-from-home intern

CNBC’s “College Voices 2020” is a series written by CNBC fall interns from universities across the country about coming of age, getting their college education and launching their careers during these extraordinary times. Kendall Camp is a junior at Morehouse College studying communications. The series is edited by Cindy Perman.

Many internships were canceled when coronavirus hit. But for a lot of students who were lucky enough to get one, there was one, big unprecedented challenge: They would be working from home. That means, no thrill of walking the halls of a big corporation. No bumping into people in the hallway or grabbing coffee in the cafeteria.

So the big question becomes: How can you learn, network and grow when you’re working from home?

In early March, I had just signed on for a summer internship with NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. During my birthday dinner, my friends and I

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4 Tips to Make Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays Easier (2020)

Decorating my apartment was probably the best part of living separately from my parents in college during the holidays. For the first time, my roommates and I had a complete say over how we wanted to decorate for Christmas. We made a whole day out of it, and when we finished, it looked terrible. Parents make decorating look easy, and it is not. It took four years in that tiny apartment together to finally master our interior holiday decorating skills. Here are some tips for first-time college Christmas decorators.

Pre-decorated Christmas tree

Christmas Tree with red ornaments and Christmas lights


I know this sounds like cheating, but I promise it will be much easier this way. If you have as many roommates as I did, then you know it can be impossible for everyone to agree on something. Our first tree looked like seven different people threw decorations on it without talking to one another. And

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Take a look at some of the best Thanksgiving decor tips | News

8-Inch Pumpkin, Gourd, Berry, and Maple Leaf Artificial Candelabrum

There is no better way to candle-lit your Thanksgiving dinner than with this candelabrum that features all your fall favorites – pumpkins, gourds, berries, and variegated maple leaves. At the center of this fall-inspired, 8-inch décor is a transparent glass cup that adds a unique element to it. Place a lit candle inside and create an illuminated outdoor splendor within your house.

24-Inch Maple Pine Wreath

Add a tinge of uniqueness to your Thanksgiving décor by investing in this 24-inch-diameter, artificial maple pine wreath. The perimeter features maple pine leaves with different hues of green, red, orange, and red. Perfect for doors, hallways, and offices, this artificial maple pine wreath will bring out the right autumn season’s spirit.

Macy’s 13″ x 17″ Bountiful Harvest Table Runner

Embellish your table this Thanksgiving with this table runner from Macy’s. It comes with beautiful

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Philanthropist Audrey Gruss’ wintertime tips for decorating and hosting in the Hamptons

The Hamptons have never seen a holiday season quite like this. With the who’s who riding out the pandemic from their tony oceanfront estates this winter, the usual warm-weather pallets, décor and table settings simply won’t do. Luckily, Hamptons veteran, philanthropist and super-hostess, Audrey Gruss, has tips for adapting to the new year-round lifestyle that’s emerged on the East End.

Harvest what you have

For her socially distanced dinners, Gruss — who is president of Hope Fragrances, which raises money for her Hope for Depression Research Foundation — said that it’s all about decorating with the autumnal ingredients you have on hand. She loves using fresh radishes, squash and bushy bundles of herbs.

“I put whatever I have left over from my potted herb garden on the table with little radishes around candles in hurricane lamps,” she said. “I mix in votive candles wrapped in raffia, which looks very natural

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8 Decorating Tips We Learned From Binge-Watching Netflix’s ‘Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas’

Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas is the feel-good Netflix binge you’re probably seeking right about now, with its heartfelt holiday message, and its smart and stylish Christmas decorating advice, courtesy of Mr. Christmas himself, interior designer Benjamin Bradley.

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The bonus? You don’t need to spend a small fortune to give your house a festive upgrade for the holiday season. In fact, you probably have most of the trimmings you need already in your kitchen or in your backyard.


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If you’re ready to start decking your halls for the holiday season (and don’t have time to watch Mr. Christmas), these are the key holiday decorating takeaways you can use.

You can never have too many pinecones

Mr. Christmas likes to go with a lot of fresh and organic materials—and pinecones are definitely his go-to. He tacks them into garlands, turns

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10 Wellness Design Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving At Home

If you’re following CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving this year, you’re staying home and only spending the holiday with members of your household. Public health professionals say that’s a good way of reducing your risk of catching or spreading Covid-19. Here are 10 wellness design tips for celebrating Thanksgiving in your home this year.

Holiday Cleaning

Even if you’re only cooking for your own household this week, you’re probably also dealing with the extra stresses impacting everyone during the pandemic. If you have low maintenance surfaces in your home – like solid surface or quartz, for example – your cleaning chores are simpler.  

1.      If you don’t have

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5 Tips for Improving Client Relationships

7 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

This article was written by Alex Fluegel, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble is a freelance-matching platform leading the future of work. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right freelancers for your business, Entrepreneur NEXT will help you hire the freelancers you need, exactly when you need them. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top 3 percent of freelance experts ready to work for you.

Client relationships are like any other relationship. They require effort, time, and attention to improve and maintain their quality. When you consistently invest in relationship building, you should see a clear return, not only in the form of business growth but in how fulfilling the work is.

When you strengthen relationships with

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10 top-shelf tips for bringing out the bar cart, with a theme and pretty decor, for the holidays | Home/Garden

Cancel the caroling, disease experts say. It spews respiratory droplets into the air. And no loud music. It makes people shout and spew more droplets. No sitting on Santa’s lap. You don’t know where he’s been. You’ll have to whisper in his ear virtually this year. No parties. No traveling. No Christmas shopping outside the home. No. No. No.

So what can we do this holiday season?

We can drink! (Responsibly, safely, and at home, of course, and not necessarily alcohol.)

So far no one has said we can’t raise our glasses and toast, thank goodness, but no clinking! Touching glasses lip to lip is as bad as kissing. Can’t have that!

No wonder liquor sales are up. According to Nielsen’s market data, total alcohol sales outside of bars and restaurants have surged 24% during the pandemic.

If you’re among those planning to have an adult beverage or two this

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