‘I’m a Plant Stylist. Here Are 4 Tips to Make a More Peaceful Home’

When I was growing up, my mother understood the necessity of having a piece of greenery in the home, whether it was faux or real. To her, it was almost like a staple of home decor. But she didn’t really have time to tend to plants, she was tending to me and busy working.

I always had a passion for the outdoors as a kid; playing in the woods or outside in greenery. But it wasn’t until I got older, at around the age of 30, that I found myself in a garden center in a town in Pennsylvania and it truly took my breath away. There was a feeling in that space that was different to anything I had experienced before and I immediately wanted to replicate it in my own home.

At that point I was living in Los Angeles and didn’t have a large enough space with

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Tips for taking the Thanksgiving Day celebration outdoors

If our glorious weather holds, we’re in for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. Here are tips for taking your family meal outdoors:

1. Dress your outdoor table just as you would an indoor table. You’ll want to be a little more “last minute,” though, so though you can set up the table and chairs the day before, don’t put dishes, flatware and table linens out until day of.

2. A centerpiece is just as important, and foliage from your yard is perfect. Keep flowers and greenery lower to the table, though, so you can still see and talk to people seated across from you.

3. Dining on a covered veranda is an easy way to go, but if you move the table into grass, be sure to use pieces of wood or small tiles under table legs to keep it level. You don’t want a wobbly table causing wine glasses to

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As holiday entertaining moves outdoors, try these expert tips to up your game | Home/Garden

Growing up, whenever my brother and I got on our mother’s nerves, she’d holler: “Take it outside! Both of you!” And we’d scramble outdoors like the varmints we were. Going outside was not a punishment. It was a tension reliever, a safe retreat, a welcome escape. (Though he was stronger, I was faster.)

Turns out, Mom had the right idea. Nowadays, the outdoors with all its foreverness and fresh air is becoming that go-to place to celebrate our upcoming holidays. Who saw that coming? Next to being home alone, being outside is the safest place to be in these plague-infested times, experts say. So, as we look for ways to enliven and share our COVID-hindered holidays, taking them outside may be just what the doctor ordered.

Indeed, starting with Thanksgiving, say the data wonks who track these sorts of moves, households across America, in climates warm and wintery, are planning

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Freshen up your holiday decorating with these tips

Since you’ve been spending so much time homebound, you’re well ahead on your holiday decorating, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe you are in such a funk that you are having a brain freeze on thinking about the holidays. Or, perhaps you do have that decorating pretty well planned out, or even much of it done, but are still looking for a fresh idea or two. Here are a few tips.

a table with a cake on a plate: A wrapped gift can be an unexpected touch for dinner guests.

A wrapped gift can be an unexpected touch for dinner guests.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to focus on the spaces that count the most. A foyer, if you have one, sets the stage — make it fabulous. Then concentrate on the living room, kitchen and dining room. While this isn’t to say your other spaces can’t be spruced up and decorated, these main spaces are likely where most of the hosting and

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Shea McGee shares her top tips for decorating on a budget

Shea McGee is becoming our favorite Netflix presenter at RealHomes – her talent for home makeovers is undeniable. And even before she co-hosted the Dream Home Makeover show with husband Syd, McGee was giving us some serious house envy with her gorgeous Instagram account. 

a woman standing in a kitchen: null

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Shea & Syd started out by documenting the makeover of their home in California on Insta, and eventually founded Studio McGee, a homeware and furniture brand. With so much experience of decorating under her belt, Shea is exactly the person you want to give you advice on how to make your home look better. We sat down with her for an exclusive interview. Here, Shea gives her top tips for decorating on a budget. 

We asked Shea if she had any tips for instantly making a home look nicer without spending too much. We loved her answers, because they’re genuinely

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Some tips for older workers to weather hard times

The association of old age with decline has a long history. To work or do anything demanding during the traditional retirement years is often considered cute at best and depressing at worst. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith called these reactions the “Still Syndrome.”

“The Still Syndrome is the design by which the young or the less old daily assail the old. ‘Are you still well?’ ‘Are you still working?’ ‘I see that you are still taking exercise.’ ‘Still having a drink?’ As a compulsive literatus I am subject to my own special assault, ‘I see you are still writing.’ ‘Your writing still seems pretty good to me.’ The most dramatic general expression came from a friend I hadn’t seen for some years: ‘I can hardly believe you’re still alive!’ ”

I reread Galbraith’s essay the other day while thinking about the age of key political players during the recent election. President-elect

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6 Tips for In-Person Networking During the Covid-19 Era

8 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

This article was written by Elizabeth Harris, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble is freelance matching platform leading the future of work. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right freelancers for your business, Entrepreneur NEXT will help you hire the freelancers you need, exactly when you need them. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top 3 percent of freelance experts ready to work for you. 

Between video calls, masks, and conversations six-feet apart, the way we interact with each other has changed this year. In a matter of months, millions of people have moved to doing business online, and with the cancellation of face-to-face meetings, events and conferences, the way we network has changed too. 

Restrictions and

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How to reduce greenhouse gas? Tips from a methane-eating microbe

How to reduce greenhouse gas? Tips from a methane-eating microbe
Methane-eating bacteria are found in extreme environments such as active geothermal hot springs. Credit: Inger Eriksen/Shutterstock

Scientists have determined the structure of a unique enzyme, produced by a species of methane-eating bacteria, that converts the greenhouse gas into methanol—a highly versatile liquid fuel and industrial product ingredient.

Their new study, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, is the first to report the structure of the enzyme, called soluble methane monooxygenase (sMMO), at room temperature in both its reduced and oxidized forms. This detailed structural information will help researchers design efficient catalysts for industrial methane to methanol conversion processes.

“We were able to reveal the structure of sMMO and see how the environment of the two iron atoms in the enzyme’s active site changes and supports the catalysis of this challenging chemical reaction,” said author Jan Kern, a Berkeley Lab bioscientist. The process “involves breaking a carbon-hydrogen

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5 Instagram influencers open up their homes to give us tips

No matter how much we experiment with home decor trends this season, we’ll always have a few festive favourites that feature year on year. It may vary from must-have elements for a quick space refresher to sentimental objects without which our Diwali decoration is incomplete.

We asked five Instagram influencers about the wow factor that lights up their festive setting. Here’s what they had to say…

01. Lead with light and colour

While all of us love to decorate our homes the whole year around, Diwali is a season which holds a special place for me and my family. I generally try to create a corner specifically keeping Diwali festivities and family gatherings in mind.

Stay with the basics of colour, light and minimalist decor.

For instance, my space for Diwali features Ganpati to bring in good luck and blessings, bright colourful decor in the form of cushions and rugs,

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4 Design Tips for Kindergarten Interior Design

a little girl sitting at a table in a room: 4 Design Tips for Kindergarten Interior Design

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4 Design Tips for Kindergarten Interior Design


According to the international ‘Kindergarten Work Regulations’, a kindergarten is an institution that provides care and education for preschool children aged three to six years old.

Research has pointed to the kindergarten system having originated from Prussian hundreds of years ago, with one of its first names being ‘Mongolian Nursing School and Kindergarten’. 

The kindergarten provides a happy, healthy space to help children to develop their bodies and minds.

It is seen as the foundation of the education system and preparation for young children to cultivate their personality, good behaviour, and social skills. 

Thus, it is important to create an environment that properly fosters learning during those formative years. Its setup should be carefully planned and designed; while no two kindergarten classrooms are the same, they share several key features which we will address in this article.


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