How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss While Working From Home

It’s an obvious reality that having a good relationship with one’s boss is a great enabler of career success. After all, they’re the person most likely to vouch for us in terms of promotions, great performance reviews, exciting project opportunities, and more. When you’re working from home, however, building that employee-boss relationship can require a few tweaks.

The good news is that the fundamental quality of boss relationships is similar to the pre-pandemic world. In Leadership IQ’s study, The State Of Working From Home In 2020, 58% of people say that their relationship with their boss is the same working from home or in an office, so a lot of us haven’t seen much change. However, 27% say their relationship with their boss is much, or a little, better when they were working in an office. And 16% say their relationship with their boss is better now that they’re

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Beleaguered, Scandal-Ridden Deutsche Bank Calls For A Socialistic Tax Levied Against People Working From Home

Scandal-plagued German-based bank Deutsche Bank, the go-to financial institution for Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, reported that people who are working from home must be taxed.

Deutsche Bank, which paid out over $18 million in fines for alleged violations of securities rules and regulations, commissioned a report that proposes individuals who work from home should be assessed a 5% income tax for this “privilege.” The money from the tax will be redistributed to workers who are not working from home.  

As part of its “Rebuild” report, the German bank rationalizes the extra tax—which will be on top of all of the other taxes levied on people—will end up making things even, since it claims the workers save a considerable amount of money by being at home. Meanwhile, the bank announced roughly 18,000 layoffs and told its employees to work from home. 

 Jim Reid,

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How To Ramp Up The Economic Recovery With A Working From Home Tax

A Deutsche Bank (DB) survey found that after the Covid-19 crisis has passed, remote work will still be part of the new normal. They argue that remote workers should pay a tax for the privilege to help recover the economy. How would this tax impact CFO’s 2021 planning?

The proportion of Americans working from home before the pandemic was only at 5.4%.

During the pandemic, the proportion increased to 56%. As many of these people will continue to work remotely, at least for some time, the research express that “remote workers are contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy while still receiving its benefits.”

Remote workers have gained many benefits during the pandemic, so the researchers estimate a 5% tax for each WFH day (that is around $10 per day for an average salary of $55,000 a year) “would leave the average person no worse off than if

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Deutsche Bank proposes a 5% tax for people still working from home after the pandemic

  • A Deutsche Bank survey found more than half of workers wanted to continue working from home for the 2-3 days a week after the pandemic.
  • According to the Deutsche Bank Research report, a 5% tax rate on those days on the average salary of a remote worker could raise $48 billion a year in the U.S., £6.9 billion in the U.K. and 15.9 billion euros in Germany.
  • This would cover the costs of grants for people who can’t work from home and are on lower incomes.

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A research team at Deutsche Bank proposed that people pay a 5% tax for the “privilege” of working from home, if they continue to do so after the pandemic, as this could subsidize income lost by lower-earners due to the coronavirus crisis. 


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Deutsche Bank thematic strategist Luke Templeman said in the investment bank’s Konzept research report, published Tuesday,

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Employees working from home should pay ‘privilege’ tax’ to support workers who cannot, Deutsche Bank research note says

Employees who choose to work remotely should pay a tax to help those workers on low incomes who cannot, said a research note from Deutsche Bank.

CDC urging workers to work from home, but some don’t have that option



According to the research report titled “What We Must Do to Rebuild,” employees who work from home receive immediate financial benefits, including reduced costs for travel, food and clothing. 


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The report suggests the employer would pay the tax if it does not provide the worker with a permanent desk. Otherwise, the employee would pay the tax.

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“Our calculations suggest the amounts raised could fund material income subsidies for low-income earners who are unable to work remotely and thus assume more ‘old economy’ and health risks,” said Jim Reid, global

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4 Ways To Get More Peace Of Mind While Working From Home

From a global pandemic to an uncertain economic outlook, 2020 has been an anxiety-producing year. Studies show that people are more stressed now than they were a year ago. And the shift to remote work has, in many cases, only made things worse. 

Working from home has forced most of us to completely upend our daily routines while losing the benefits of social contact. Leading from afar has proven an interesting challenge — as has juggling work and parenting responsibilities. 

For many of us, WFH life shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do right now to give yourself greater peace of mind. Here are some suggestions for safeguarding your home, your health and your finances in these unprecedented times:

1. Revisit your insurance policies. 

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Deutsche Bank proposes 5% ‘privilege’ tax on working from home

  • Working from home should be taxed to help support people on low incomes who cannot do their jobs remotely, Deutsche Bank said Tuesday.
  • People choosing to work from home despite their company providing a permanent desk should pay the tax, at 5% of their salary. If companies do not offer permanent desks, they should pay instead, the report argued.
  • Deutsche said the tax could raise $49 billion per year in the US, 20 billion euros ($23.6 billion) in Germany, and £7 billion ($9.3 billion) in the UK.
  • The bank said an average worker would not be worse off if they paid the tax, because they are saving money on travel, food, and clothes by working remotely.
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Deutsche Bank said Tuesday that people choosing to work from home rather than in an office should be taxed 5% of their salary, with the money used

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Working From Home? Here’s How To Better Integrate Your Professional And Personal Self

Jennifer Wines, Vice President at Fidelity Private Wealth Management

The acceleration of the work-from-home culture over the past few months has required lots of logistical and emotional gymnastics. Seemingly overnight, we invited our corporate computers into our homes. Many corporate employees, including myself, rearranged their homes and routines to transition to this different mode of working and living. Further, the accelerated adoption of remote work has affected many industries, including my own — finance, an industry traditionally known for its formality and rigid structure.

After a few months of sorting out our new work-from-home routines, we discovered that productivity can in fact happen from the comfort of our homes (some more comfortable than others). Now, with this foundational realization in place, we have a golden opportunity to pivot our attention to a more meaningful challenge, and that is the fuller integration of our professional and personal selves. This

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