The patent for the first mass-market shower radio was issued in 1985, and for years it was the gold standard of bathroom technology. All your favorite FM and AM stations, with crystal-clear sound from a speaker that wouldn’t electrocute you in the shower? Incredible! But in 2020, the shower radio is, thankfully, no longer the pinnacle of bathroom tech. Today, there are plenty of connected bathroom devices designed to do more than sing along to classic rock while you shampoo your hair.

We’re talking toilets that know exactly warm you like the seat, toothbrushes that coach you to better oral health, and a shower that lets you choose your water temperature down to the degree. The bathroom might never be your favorite room in the house, but these devices can make the time you spend there more pleasant than you can imagine.

Here are some of the best smart devices for the bathroom, easy ways to harness the power of Wifi and Bluetooth to turn your humble lavatory into the 21st-century oasis you deserve.

Nearly $800 for a mirror is kind of bonkers, but people spend their money on sillier things. This model includes integrated LED bulbs that eliminate dark and hot spots, night mode so you can see what you’re doing without burning your retinas in the middle of the night, and an Alexa-enabled waterproof smart speaker.

This angular slab of porcelain is a truly luxurious commode, with an integrated bidet, ambient colored lighting, a Bluetooth speaker, a motion-activated seat, and a seat and foot warmers. In short: it’s a really, really, really nice toilet.

This connected shower controller means fiddling with the faucet to get just the right pressure and temperature will become a thing of the past. You can turn the shower on, adjust the temperature, set a timer, and even store different routines (morning and post-workout, for instance). It’s the best kind of smart home device, one that makes something you have to do anyways way more pleasant.

If you are going tohave a bathroom scale, you might as well have one that takes 14 measurements and syncs the data to your phone via Bluetooth.

Does your current bathroom fan have an app-controlled, color-changing light and Bluetooth speaker? No? Then it’s not as useful or fun as this model, which also happens to be a quiet, powerful exhaust fan that can circulate air at a rate of 110 cubic feet per minute.

You probably think you’re good at brushing your teeth, but are you really? With this smart toothbrush, you’ll finally know for sure. It provides real-time feedback via a Bluetooth-connected app so you can improve your technique as necessary. The three different heads automatically set the brush to the appropriate brushing mode and the base of the brush glows red when you’re pushing too hard. Plus, the charging glass looks super cool.

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