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11:49 25 Nov 2020, updated 13:02 25 Nov 2020

  • Households across the UK spent time in lockdown sprucing up their interiors
  • Dark blue walls and tropical wallpapers are on the way out, expert told FEMAIL 
  • Chrome taps were once chic, but now seen as ‘standard’ choice and need to go  

Many households across the UK have put their time in lockdown to good use by sprucing up their interiors, but have your efforts made your house look ultra modern, or could your taste be a bit dated?

Interior designers and experts have told FEMAIL which trends are already wearing thin, including Insta-friendly staples such as tropical wallpaper and gemoetric shapes.  

Wayfair’s resident style advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill said that velvet sofas, which had become a staple in many living-rooms, are taking a step back while shoppers go for more textured materials, such as bouclé or corduroy. 

Gian-Carlo Rossi, from Roofing Megastore, also said tried and tested looks such as chrome taps and industrial-style lights need to go.  

Velvet upholstery  

Interior designers have revealed which trends need to go in 2021. Velvet upholstery has done its time, Wayfair in-house designer Nadia McCowan Hill said (stock image)

Nadia said that velvet has done its time and should now take a step back in favour of other upholstery trends. 

‘Velvet upholstery has been a go-to finish for tactile trend lovers everywhere over the last two years, but while some are still hankering for this peachy soft fabric, we’ve seen customers turning their attention to finishes which feel even more textured to the touch,’ she said. 

‘Perhaps in response to the trials and tribulations of 2020, teddy-soft boucle and corduroy have emerged as retro finishes set to knock velvet off the top spot,’ she added. 

And these comforting, fleecy fabrics are perfect now that we’re spending more time at home than ever, she said.    

Dark blue Walls

Dark blue walls have been popular in recent years, but are now being replaced with wore natural colours like green (stock picture)

Gian-Carlo explained that the trend of dark coloured walls has been reigning supreme for five years, with dark blue a natural choice, but that interest was moving on from blues towards fresher colours, such as green.  

‘The dark coloured walls trend has been around for coming on five years now, and dark blue was the colour of choice for most homeowners that decided to hop on board and make a “move to the dark side”,’ he said. 

‘When paired with golds and artwork, a dark wall can give a space a premium feel, so it’s no surprise that dark blue walls in particular haven’t been a short-lived trend. 

‘I feel the reason interest is waning however, is partly due to the fact that after four or so years of the colour, people are finally ready for a change, but more so because dark blue is now being traded for dark green. 

He explained that people were gravitating towards green in a bid to reconnect with nature and earthy colour palettes.  

‘In 2021, we want our homes to feel more connected with nature and the outdoors, and dark green is a colour that helps to achieve this, while maintaining everything we loved so much about the depth of the blue,’ he said. 

‘The dark wall trend isn’t over, it’s just had a change of colour.’  

Angular furniture

Minimalist, angular furniture doesn’t fit with the cosy aesthetic people have been gravitating towards this year

Nadia added that after a turbulent year, people were looking to make their homes cosier, and are moving away from the minimalist trend.  

‘Shoppers are hankering for the comfort of curves and furniture you can really ‘sink into’ when catching up on the latest Netflix series,’ she explained. 

‘Plump furniture will be amping up our spaces and we’ll be leaving straight talking minimalism at the door as we seek out the squishy, enveloping delights of plush rounded furniture and decor,’ she added. 

Chrome taps

Chrome taps used to be all the rage, but now, tjhey are seen as common. People will much prefer copper, gold or matte fixtures

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Chrome used to be luxurious but now it’s seen as the ‘standard’ choice, Gian-Carlo said.  

‘Chrome taps are used in most new build properties, and many will quickly want to change them, to help their bathrooms and kitchens feel more unique,’ he explained. 

‘The rise in popularity of black and brass taps has also contributed to the downfall of chrome, with these choices now feeling more luxurious, while chrome has become “average” in the eyes of many,’ he added.  

She added that people were picking more subtle clocks instead.   

Geometric patterns 

Wallpapers with geometrical patterns have been coming in and out of fashion for decades, and according to Gian-Carlo Rossi of Roofing Megastore, they need to be gone for good

Gian-Carlo said geometrical patterns kept going in and out of fashion throughout the decades.  

‘Favoured for their ability to add interest to a space, they make use of repeating shapes to bring additional life to a wall, or a piece of furniture,’ he said. 

‘The reason these patterns are on the decline however, is that new trends are taking precedence, such as wall panelling or even floral wallpaper,’ he explained. 

He said geometrical patterns would clash with these new trends.  

‘The pattern is also at odds with our aims to bring nature into the home, so will likely be put to bed in 2020, only to re-emerge once again in the future,’ he added. 

Industrial lighting

Industrial chic, and factory-inspired lamps have been very popular in recent years, but are now too harsh to fit with the relaxing ambiance people hope to achieve (stock image)

‘Industrial lighting and style is another trend that has been popular since around 2015/16, however with 2021 signalling a move to more refined, comforting and homely choices, is one that is definitely on the way out,’ Gian-Carlo said.  

The expert added that the unfinished aspect of industrial lighting could be harsh, which clashed with a more natural and relaxing vibe decorators hoped to achieve. 

‘In 2021, we want softer furnishings and to feel closer to the natural world – industrial touches do the opposite, so expect many to be moving on from this trend,’ he said. 

Tropical wallpapers  

Tropical wallpapers (pictured) are an overcooked trend, Nadia said, explaining people are looking more into English countryside for 2021

Nadia said the once novel and exciting tropical prints were soon to be a tired trend. 

‘Lush leafy prints have been all the rage, but the hot tropical look feels a bit overcooked as we enter 2021,’ she said. 

‘Now customers are hankering for country-style English prints like Chintz which feels a bit more relatable. At Wayfair we’ve seen a blossoming demand for heritage floral wallpapers with a 40 percent rise in searches,’ she added. 

‘There’s just something so reassuring and nostalgic about blousy blooms,’ she added. 

Symmetrical tableware  

Matching tableware should give way to mix and match set to add some fantasy into our kitchens, Nadia said

Nadia said mix and match tableware was becoming more popular than matching, symmetrical options. 

‘Perhaps it comes down to the fact that we won’t be hosting any formal dinners any time soon, but the trend for perfectly symmetrical table-settings is waning and instead shoppers are looking towards more eclectic tablescapes,’ she said. 

‘Mix & Match crockery in a rainbow of colours will be adding a bit of oomph and interest to our tables, while settings featuring uniform dinnerware will be left at the door,’ she added. 

‘After a year of restrictions, being a bit experimental with our dining settings feels more fun and less formal,’ she concluded. 

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink, pictured,  has been incredibly popular in recent years, but it’s time to try new pastels, like lilac, Nadia said

Nadia also said that one of the most popular colour of 2019 and 2020 was on the way out.   

‘Dusky pink was adding a rosy glow to interiors throughout 2020, but as we enter 2021 our rose tinted glasses are starting to slip and there’s a new pastel that’s set to be sweetening our spaces. 

She said Lilac was proving a popular pick for those who were tired of seeing pink everywhere they looked.

‘The shift from pink to lilac might stem from our need to imagine our world anew. After pink’s omnipresence for the last few years especially with the Millennial generation, lilac feels fresh, energetic and modern but still with a soothing and calming feeling.   




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