With some great design chops, a man from Nigeria has completely transformed his drab bathroom into a stylish wet room, winning the internet hands down.

The unidentified man, who goes by @Vik41 on Twitter, shared the pictures of his renovated bathroom on Nov. 12 and his post has racked up nearly 6,000 likes and was retweeted more than 47,000 times as of Friday.

The post comes with pictures from both before and after the makeover, with the final result screaming hard work and class. In the pictures, the man appears to have replaced his shabby bathroom essentials with chic décor and it ended up looking like it was straight out of a luxury magazine’s page.

In the comment thread, the man even posted a video of himself giving the viewers a tour of his bathroom. As soon as he opens the door, the viewers can spot a classy white bathtub with a lit candle resting on a wooden tray placed in the corner. The bathroom features many other stylish accents, including a nifty ceramic washbasin and a plant to add a dash of green.

Internet users showered the post with praises. “Amazing transformation,” one user wrote. “This is impressive af,” wrote another. “You should be this is beautiful. Looks so much brighter and airy. Kudos,” a comment read.

Home design enthusiasts on Twitter also gave him some fair critique of the work. “Such a gorgeous bathroom Star-struck Idk about that plant being so close to the toilet tho lmao,” one wrote. “Yeah I’d rather do like one of those faux Asian wall dividers there,” wrote another.

While some users asked if they could go over to his place to enjoy the bathroom, a few even considered marriage. “…let me come sit this ass in that tub Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes,” one woman wrote. “Ladies if you must propose to a man he betta be A HANDYMAN,” a female user wrote.

bathtub-2485952_1920 Representational image of a bathtub. Photo: ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

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